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Trinity 2018: Sylvain Estibal and Myriam Tekaïa


Award-winning movie director, AFP journalist and writer Sylvain Estibal, along with co-writer, French-Tunisian actress and activist Myriam Tekaïa, came to Oxford to discuss their award-winning film "Le Cochon de Gaza" ("When Pigs have Wings"), a comedy on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This political and highly satirical film, which depicts the reality but also the absurdity of the conflict, advocates for peace by showing the cultural similarities between Palestinians and Israelis.


Hilary 2018: Gaspard Koenig

Gaspard Koenig is a French philosopher, writer, intellectual, and president of the think tank "Generation Libre" which he created in 2013. Since founding his think-tank, Gaspard Koenig has become extremely popular in the French media for reviving liberal ideas in the public debate. Gaspard Koenig's work spans a wide range of subjects and societal issues, from the legalization of drugs, to the universal basic income as well as questions of data ownership and fiscal policy, among many others.


Hilary 2018: Alexandre Holroyd


Alexandre Holroyd is the French member of parliament for Northern Europe (which includes the UK). We shared a breakfast with him and discussed about a large variety of subject such as Brexit, Macron’s presidency, challenges of being an MP of En Marche, Constitution reforms and freedom of the press.


Trinity 2017: Two Frances, two worlds // Debate at the Oxford French Society


Max Begon for Marine Le Pen and Pierre Marc for Emmanuel Macron: For an hour and a half, each speaker defended their candidate's positions on a number of very relevant topics: Europe, the world economy, Donald Trump, NATO etc.

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Michaelmas 2016: Eric Zemmour


OUFS welcomed the political journalist and French writer Eric ZEMMOUR. Eric Zemmour and our members had an open discussion about the topics the challenges currently faced by Western democracies, reflected in the striking events of 2016: the terror attacks in Paris and Nice, the vote in favour of Brexit, and the election of Donald Trump.


Trinity 2016: Jean-Pierre Vidal


Chief Economic Advisor to the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk and former member of the cabinet of the first permanent President of the European Council. The talk was a great insight into the inner workings of the EU as well as a great opportunity to hear the EU’s side of the Brexit debate.


Hillary 2016: Stephen Romer

In the 19th century the short story was one of the most popular literary genres, nowhere more so than in France, where stories by great writers such as Maupassant explored gothic and decadent themes. Stephen Romer, distinguished poet and writer,was the ideal person to introduce this fascinating subject. Three short stories were read by actors. Our members enjoyed an evening of cultural adventure and great storytelling.


Hillary 2016: David Birch


Since joining McKinsey in 1994, David has led numerous operations projects that have yielded long-term impact. His 30 years of experience and his long list of achievements made the talk incredibly interesting. Throughout the event David discussed the path he has had with McKinsey as well as his views on the firm and how the public and private sectors today are changing.

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